Merlin Transmitters

Merlin Transmitters

FMV and MX type transmitters


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MX 1/3n High Power Falconry Transmitter Out Of Stock

MX 1/3n High Power Falconry Transmitter

Digital design, powerful, robust, long run time, the choice of professional falconers worldwide

£165.00 £155.00

MX 392 High Power Falconry Transmitter

Small, compact and lightweight makes this unit ideal for smaller falcons and hawks

£165.00 £155.00

Mini MX High Power Transmitter

Extremely small & light weight this is the perfect transmitter for tiny raptors

£165.00 £159.00

Nano Gold High Power Transmitter

The Nano Gold Transmitter is a truly micro sized transmitter with screw lid, weighing a total of only 3 grams with the battery.