Telemetry Repairs

Due to the increasing number of transmitters becoming lost / damaged while in transit through the sorting office machinery it is vitally important that ALL small high value items are returned in at least a padded envelope. We have had numerous instances of transmitters being returned and only the envelope (minus a corner and the contents) reaching our office. 
It is also your responsibility to make sure the returned item has the correct postage and is insured for the correct amount. 
Please include a note with a brief description of the fault, your contact details including a daytime telephone number or email (is best) so we can contact you when the repairs are complete.


It is not always necessary to send in the receiver complete with its Yagi antenna unless you are experiencing directionality problems. Most receivers can be easily removed from the antenna. Keep any fixing screws in a safe place, do not screw them back into the receiver casing as this can damage the circuit board within. Removing the receiver in this way will save on postage costs.

Time Scale:

We expect general repairs and servicing to take no longer than 7–10 working days. More technical repairs or repairs requiring custom electronic parts that can only be sourced from the equipment manufacturers will take much longer to complete. We will contact you if this is the case.


We will contact you to arrange payment when repairs are complete. We accept card payments over the telephone or alternatively we can send an email request for payment via PayPal.

Unpaid Repairs: 

Any repairs that are not paid for within a period of three months after completion will be sold online to ofset our out of pocket expenses.

Return Address:

Can be found on our contact us page.