TRX-16S Receiver On Telescopic Antenna With Pistol Grip

TRX-16S Receiver On Telescopic Antenna With Pistol Grip

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TRX-16S Sixteen Channel Receiver On Telescopic Folding Antenna

Second user receiver with antenna and padded carry case in good condition. Sold with warranty. Serviced / re-furbished, with or without discounted brand new transmitter

The TRX-16S Sixteen channel receiver on our telescopic Lazer antenna. Designed primarily to be compact but not at the cost of performance.

  • Easy to use, deploys in seconds, no wing nuts
  • Sixteen channels - track sisteen transmitter wearers independantly of each other
  • More band coverage than some other makes claiming 100 channels
  • LED bar aids tracking, red light flashes to right showing signal strengh
  • Noise blanking circuitry to reduce unwanted interference
  • Attenuator reduces swamping of signal, assures accurate close in tracking
  • Very directional, pin point accuracy
  • BNC antenna connection point
  • One year warranty on receiver, full two or three year warranty on new transmitter if required
  • Padded carry case available included

Comfortable rubber pistol grip handle clicks into place & folds away neatly for carrying when not required. All elements unfold, click into place & are held under tension by concealed springs (no wing nuts). Front element pulls forward & clicks into place, centre element slides back to complete the assembly process.

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TRX-16S sixtween channel receiver on 173 MHz complete with telescopic antenna and carry case
S​​​​​​old with or without new discounted transmitter

  • £310.00

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