Luksander MNS-20 Receiver On Quick Fold Antenna With Pistol Grip

SOLD Luksander MNS-20 Receiver On Quick Fold Antenna With Pistol Grip

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MNS-20 Receiver On Laser Quick Fold Antenna With Pistol Grip 

Second user receiver in good condition. Sold with warranty. Serviced / re-furbished, sold with or without discounted brand new transmitter

A rare opportunity to own one of Luksanders premium receivers

Luksander MNS-20 receiver on 173 MHz with factory fitted back light / battery monitor upgrade. Complete with brand new Laser quick fold antenna with folding pistol grip handle.

  • Very easy to use receiver
  • Twenty channels, track twenty transmitter wearers independently of each other
  • Very sensitive  -152 db minimum discernable signal and that means range
  • Complete with signal strength meter, speaker and earphone jack
  • Back light and battery monitor fitted by Luksander (original upgrade cost £40.00)
  • Built in attenuator reduces swamping of signal, assures accurate close in tracking
  • Uses two nine volt batteries, one in use, one in reserve, switch between the two when required
  • One year warranty on receiver, full two or three year warranty on new transmitter if required
  • Brand new Laser fixed beam Yagi antenna
  • Deploys in seconds, elements fold and drop into place, no wing nuts
  • Folding pistol grip handle, clicks into place, folds out the way when not in use
  • Carry case and batteries included

Please note: The channel selector can normally be rotated up or down by pressing the appropriate button. However one of the selectors push buttons has broken off so the switch can only be rotated in one direction, this has no detriment to the receivers performance and all channels can be selected easily by using the remaining button.

Luksander receivers have been in existence for many years and are still considered by falconers to be one of the best. A reputation built around the plain facts, ease of use, reliability and functionality.
Unlike other receivers the attenuator (for close in tracking) is built into the gain control, eliminating the need for high-med-low switches. At distance when the gain is maxed out, the attenuator is switched off, up close turn the gain down and the attenuator cuts down the signal so you can track to the inch.


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Luksander MNS-20 receiver on 173 MHz complete with back light and battery status upgrade,
Complete with new Yagi antenna and carry case. S
​​​​​​old with or without new discounted transmitter

  • £310.00

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