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Second User Telemetry

Remove the risk by buying your quality second hand telemetry from us. All receivers are fully serviced and sold with warranty.



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TinyLoc R1+GYR UHF 433-434 System: Prices From...

UHF 433 & 434 multi band receiver with fold out antenna and Nano Gold transmitter or new transmitter of your choice


TRX-3S Quick Fold System: Prices From.... Out Of Stock

TRX-3S Quick Fold System: Prices From....

Second user three channel receiver on brand new pistol grip Lazer antenna. Buy on its own or build a copmplete system using the option menus.


Luksander MN10 Quick Fold System: Prices From...

MN10 quick fold system, great condition, with warranty


Luksander MNS-20 Receiver On Quick Fold Antenna With Pistol Grip

Luksander MNS-20 receiver complete with back light and battery status upgrade, sold with or without new transmitter