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MX 1/3n High Power Falconry Transmitter

Digital design, powerful, robust, long run time, the choice of professional falconers worldwide

£165.00 £149.00

TRX-3S & TRX-16S Stand Alone Systems: Prices from...

Our best selling system to date. Hold the receiver in one hand and the Yagi antenna high in the air for maximum signal detection.

£565.00 £535.00

Duracell 1/3n Lithium Battery (box 5)

Genuine Duracell batteries three volts lithium for longer life. Pack of five £2.85 each.

£16.25 £14.25

MX 392 High Power Falconry Transmitter

Small, compact and lightweight makes this unit ideal for smaller falcons and hawks

£165.00 £149.00

Duracell 1/3n Lithium Battery (box 10)

Genuine Duracell OEM* batteries three volts lithium for longer life. Pack of ten £2.49 each.

£32.50 £24.90

Mini MX High Power Transmitter

Extremely small & light weight this is the perfect transmitter for tiny raptors

£165.00 £155.00

1/3n FMV Falconry Transmitter

The professionals choice, high power, extremely robust with a runtime of over 35 days. Suitable for hawks and falcons

£125.00 £110.00