AltimeterOne (Second Generation)

AltimeterOne (Second Generation)


Due to the success of the original Altimeter, we now have the new (second generation) AltimeterOne - A rechargeable * digital altimeter for training raptors, monitoring rockets, planes, balloons, quad copters and kites. Using a highly sensitive atmospheric pressure sensor it reports the peak altitude in feet or meters of each flight on an easy to read LCD display. New memory feature  that lets you review your last 100 flights. At only 9.8 grams it's tiny size and adaptability make it the most versatile altimeter on the market today.

  • LCD display clearly indicates maximum flight altitude in feet or meters
  • Battery reserve status shows on screen momentarily every few seconds
  • History feature stores data from the last 100 flights
  • Highly accurate pressure sampling over 20 times per second
  • Accuracy: Nearest foot below 10,000 feet, to nearest 10 feet above 10,000
  • Nearest 0.3 meters below 1,000 meters, nearest meter above
  • Max altitude (above sea level): 29,500 feet (9000 meters)
  • Rechargeable * lithium polymer battery *, lasts for hundreds of flights
  • Recharges in less than two hours from any standard USB computer port
  • Charging cable USB Micro-B supplied
  • Automatically powers down to conserve power.

How it works - A quick button click turns the unit on and off. Hold the button in to open the menu, Select flight (the meter will set itself to zero) When you see READY in the display it's ready to fly.

The AltimeterOne is a sensitive instrument and is enclosed in a sturdy case. However we do not recommend leaving this unit on a hawk while unattended and it should not be used where it will be subject to violent impact such as in the pursuit of game. Impact damage and water ingress are not covered under warranty, these units are sturdy but not indestructable. It should not be submerged in water or used in inclement weather; too much water will damage the electronics.  

This altimeter is best used for training or when the falconer knows from the weather or location his hawk may fly very high and wants to know the exact height. It will also help the falconer to understand what different pitches look like and is the ideal tool for accurately monitoring kite or balloon height during training.

* All rechargeable batteries wear out (even when not in use) and must be charged regularly to keep them in good order. Once your battery life drops below a full day's usage, we recommend you purchase a replacement. Jolly Logic altimeters use custom batteries with special connectors designed to fit your product–do not attempt to replace with any other type.

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AltimeterOne is a rechargeable digital altimeter with LCD display, the only way to know “how high did it go”  

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