Tail Mounts

Tail Mounts
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Tail Mount: Large Contoured

Contoured design helps prevent transmitter from dropping through the feathers. Suitable for most raptors over 900g (2lb)


Tail Mount: Small Contoured

Size suitable for most medium sized hawks and large falcons, extremely light weight and injection moulded for strengh


Tail Mount: Large Traditional

Traditional plectrum shape for those who prefer it that way, suitable for most hawks and falcons over 450g (1lb)


Tail Mount: Small Traditional

Small traditional mount for most small to medium sized raptors, designed to be used with or without tail bell


Tail Mount: Crimp On Type

Aluminium crimp on tail mount, crimps to a single deck feather, anodised for durability, quantity discounts available.


Tail Mount: Crimping Pliers

Easily crimps tail mount onto a single deck feather, manufactured from steel, one aluminium mount included