Teflon Ribbon 3/16"

Teflon Ribbon 3/16"

Genuine tubular Teflon ribbon

  • Supplied as standard in all our back packs and re-fit kits.
  • 4 mm wide (3/16") Tubular Teflon ribbon.
  • Sold by the yard 915 mm (36 inches)
  • Larger quantity orders may be supplied in more than one piece
  • Crimping rings can be bought separately if required.

Teflon (and Teflon ribbon) is one the many wonders of the modern world. It was created by the aerospace industry during the race for space. Teflon is biochemically inert, which means that it does not react with enzymes or proteins (your bird). It is the most friction-free substance known to man. The ideal material for a long-wearing harness.

The correct fit of any harness on your bird's body is essential. Some birds will tolerate the careful installation while standing hooded on a portable block or being held on the fist. Some birds may prove nearly impossible to work with. Proper fit is difficult to achieve with a bird that is hand cast and struggling.

Imported from the United States

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Standard 3/16" (4 mm) Tubular Teflon ribbon, sold by the yard (36 inches, 915 mm)

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