Backpack Re-fit Kit

Backpack Re-fit Kit

Backpack Re-fit Kit

Kit includes -

  • 915 mm (36 inches) of teflon ribbon
  • Internally ribbed crimping ring
  • Fits both medium and small mounting plates

This kit has been produced in our own workshops using the highest quality materials available - genuine teflon tubular ribbon and high quality brass internally ribbed crimping ring.

Components can be bought seperately if required.

The correct fit of this harness on your bird's body is essential. Some birds will tolerate the careful installation while standing hooded on a portable block or being held on the fist. Some birds may prove nearly impossible to work with. Proper fit is difficult to achieve with a bird that is hand cast and struggling.

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Re-installation kit, includes 915mm (36") of teflon ribbon and crimp

  • £11.95

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